Anti-Churning Rules

This guide has also been shared on r/churning! The goal of the article is to list most, if not all, hard and fast rules that will hinder your churning activity. Some of these rules, such as 1/24 from Citi, came as a direct response to growth of churning activity. Now for the sake of keeping... Continue Reading →

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Nepal is Beautiful.

This post contains 11 pictures from 7 major travel destinations in Nepal namely Kathmandu, Pokhara, Mustang, Chitwan, Lumbini, Ilam, and Dharan. For most part, I'm purposely avoiding sharing pictures of stuff that would popup when you search "Nepal", "Nepal nature", or something similar in google. In other words, minimal or no picture of mount Everest,... Continue Reading →

3x and 5x MR earning on MPX is back!?!

For a while now I've seen scattered reddit DPs of 3x and 5x MR earning on MPX for PRG and Platinum cards respectively. At first I thought these were false DPs but the repetitive occurrence of these DPs across multiple platforms hints otherwise. However, the issue with these reddit DPs is that I can't find them... Continue Reading →

Trip Report: Mustang – Jomsom – Muktinath

Mustang, a northern district of Nepal, is one of the most beautiful place in Nepal. It is distant from rest of the Nepal that it is often called himal pari ko desh (literally means kingdom beyond the Himalayas). Yet most tourists, foreign or domestic, focus on visiting Kathmandu or Pokhara more than they do Mustang. Well there's a... Continue Reading →

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