Prestige Loophole: get paid $100 annually to hold this card!

So you know how Prestige costs $450 in AF but if you apply in branch it only costs $350 even if you don’t have Citi Gold status? On top of that because Prestige has an easy $250 airline credit, the effective annual fee can be $100. But what if I told you there is a way to make it even cheaper? Instead of paying $100 to Citi, would it not be cooler if Citi paid you $100?


The trick is to lower your credit limit to $2000. 2k is the lowest you can go and this can be done through a simple chat. Once you have done this your next annual fee will be $150 but because there is $250 airline credit, Citi is practically paying you $100 to keep this amazing card.

Oh and if you’re near renewal (hell 6 months away from renewal is fine as well as long as you space out acceptance of retention offer by about 12 months) don’t forget to get a retention offer. I got 10k offer after $3k spend in 6 months which is another $100-125 free money. This $150 (or to be precise -$100) AF trick worked for me on 2nd renewal but I’m guessing this trick will work as soon as your 1st AF is due.

My 2 cents:

At the moment this loophole is one reddit thread away from being viral. Once that happens Citi is bound to close this loophole. Citi ought to also eventually do a mass fix on $350 loophole by enforcing Citi Gold status requirement, not offering it anymore, or even sending out a year advance notice on AF increase from $350 to $450.  That said, I don’t think anyone using this trick will face adverse action because (1) everyone who lowers AF isn’t necessarily looking to abuse a loophole (2) folks have forever abused AA loophole and gotten away with it. I won’t be surprised if extreme cases of (2) eventually face some consequence but Citi will probably manage to mess up that as well.


3 thoughts on “Prestige Loophole: get paid $100 annually to hold this card!

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  1. This is awesome, did you figure this loophole out yourself? I pledge not to be the one who posts this on /r/churning.

    Found my way here through a DoC shout out. Great content!


  2. hey bud, this is interesting. just curious why would the AF become $150? afaik the CARD act just says the AF cant be more than 25% of CL. however 25% of $2k is $500 which is more than the reg $450 AF on this card.

    so just wondering how exactly this works or why? … also what if you got the card w/ $450 AF, what does it go down to if you lower your CL to $2k?!


    1. Adam, I dunno why it works. At this point it has become a cliché to say “Citi being Citi” but that is probably all there is to it.

      I vaguely recall someone mentioning that this has worked with $450 AF.


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