Targeted 5k Points Promo on Club Carlson Business Card

If you would like to learn more on Carlson Business Card then check my review by clicking anywhere in this sentence. 

I’m somewhat surprised that this promo has not yet made it to the blogosphere. I totally was expecting to see a blog post titled “10x promo on Club Carlson Business Card” but I guess US Bank doesn’t pay bloggers to create click-bait titles? Actually I myself may have somewhat thought about giving this post the said troll title to mess with 1-2 occasional lurkers this blog gets…but I suppose I eventually thought better? All that said, here is the promotion that I received through snail mail almost a week ago:

The 5k Promotional Offer




Once you spend $2,000 during the promotion period (June 1st through July 31st), additional net purchases will earn 5 bonus Gold Points per dollar spend (up to 5,000 points). Be sure to enroll by June 30.

Enroll online at or call 1-866-927-8857 and provide with the promotional code that came with the letter.

My Thoughts

This promo is rather easy to pass on because it requires you to spend $2k before it is activated, then once it is activated it does not give 5x bonus on previous 2k that was spend, and finally at best you can earn +5k points through this promo by spending an additional $1k. If that sounds a little fuzzy, then here is another way to put it – once you spend $3k you earn a total of 20k points, which is only +5k higher than what you would earn for normally spending $3k on Club Carlson Business card. In other words, you’ll earn at a maximum rate of 6.666 points/$ spend on first $3k and this is only better than normal earning by 1.666 points/$.






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