Another Plastiq Glitch: 0% fee L0L

A while ago I reported a plastiq glitch that would significantly reduce your payment fee. I think it was possible to “perpetually” lock down recurring payment fee to as low as 0%. The fee you could get locked in seemed to vary based on how much FFD you applied to your 1st payment. I only had around 400 FFD and with it I was able to lock rent payments at around 1% fee and due to Plastiq’s generous nature I’m still making rent payment through Plastiq at around 1% fee. But this deal is long dead and over. I reported it to plastiq shortly after I made a post and soon after it was dead. I didn’t expect them to let me keep my 1% rate but it was pretty sweet of them to allow that.

Now once again here comes yet another glitch/bug or should I say here is the detail of a glitch that has existed since at least early April 2017. It isn’t as amazing as the first one and there IS a possibility of a fixup which may result in you getting charged 2.5% fee but if you’re willing to take a risk then here’s the essence of the said glitch:

  1. Schedule a 6 month payment with a credit card of your choice. The 1st month payment will have NO fee. This is a legit promo but a rather old one and I suppose someone at Plastiq unknowingly flipped a switch and accidentally activated it again.
  2. Let 1st month payment pass through at 0% fee.
  3. Cancel before 2nd month payment is made.
  4. Profit??

Do note that when you schedule a 6 month payment, you’ll see a warning that goes something along the lines of “if you cancel before all payments are made, we CAN charge fee on your 1st month payment”, however the glitch is that Plastiq does not seem to have a code to follow that through or at least said code isn’t working.

As stated before there is some risk to using this trick as plastiq may eventually charge you the 2.5% fee. However, given plastiq’s generous nature that is unlikely to happen.


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