3x and 5x MR earning on MPX is back!?!

For a while now I’ve seen scattered reddit DPs of 3x and 5x MR earning on MPX for PRG and Platinum cards respectively. At first I thought these were false DPs but the repetitive occurrence of these DPs across multiple platforms hints otherwise. However, the issue with these reddit DPs is that I can’t find them anymore. I suspect they’ve been deleted and I now feel that I’ve been too unwise to not screenshot them.

I recall a recent DP claimed 5x earning on Schwab platinum and it actually had proof to back up the claim. Before making this post I went over my reddit “saved” post history and I couldn’t find the said comment anymore. Anyhow, for now following is what we have:

I’ll add more when/if I can find some of the other one I’m referring to.



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