I firmly believe in providing referrals that provide current best possible signup offer. However, some cards will almost never have best offers through referral and I have decided to attach them separately at the end. As always, you should figure out what is the best offer on your own. You may use r/churning’s spreadsheet to do so. Oh and all the links below are intentionally provided in raw format.

Amex Platinum – 60k after 5k spend

Amex Hilton –
Chase Freedom – 15k for 500 spend; 2.5k for adding AU
Chase Sapphire Preferred– 50k after 4k spend; 5k for adding AU
Chase Ink Cash – 30k after 3k spend

Chase Disney Rewards – $200 Disney Gift Card after 500 spend

Discover IT – $50 (doubled to $100 later) after first purchase

ANY US Bank Flexperks card – When submitting your application, use my flexperk number (provided below) under “refereed by”. Do NOT enter it under “your existing flexperk number”.

400007447685 for personal applications and

400007481809 for business application

Capital One 360 – $25 bonus per checking and saving

 Plastiq – 200 FFDs after $20 payment

Not so great signup bonus

Amex EveryDay – 15k after 1k spend*ZuqBQQeQ62GfFRcuEJonmOSY=?om_rid=NwLwxp&om_mid=_BYtlVQB9XOBC28&om_lid=axp9om_rid=NwLwxp&om_mid=_BYtlVQB9XOBC28&om_lid=axp9

Amex Delta Platinum – 50k SM 1k spend; plus $100 on Delta purchase